Collection: Andesite Stone and River Boulder Pedestal Sinks

Real, natural stone pedestal sinks can really make a statement in your powder bath, master bathroom or restaurant!  

Andesite stone is a type of basalt and it formed in columns when it was created.  We buy andesite in different diameters and lengths and have our suppliers make different and unique products, such as these outstanding, organically textured pedestal bathroom sinks.  This stone is very hard and easy to maintain and makes a beautifully organic looking pedestal sink.  The bowls and lips are highly polished, while the exterior is left untouched for a natural, organic look.

River boulder pedestal sinks are a type of granite.  The stone is very heavy and extremely hard, making these pedestal sinks very durable.  Some of these sinks have the faucet hole pre-drilled in the lip, making the installation straight forward and easy.

Both the andesite and the river boulder natural stone pedestal sinks have material removed beneath the bowl and behind the sink to help facilitate connection to the live plumbing and the drain system.