Natural Stone Gas Fire Pits by Impact Imports

Natural Stone Gas Fire Pits

Over the past several months, Impact Imports has tested several variations of hand cut, real natural stone gas fire pits and we are happy to announce our first quantity order has arrived at our Boise, Idaho warehouse.  You will LOVE the look of this new product and it is one of the ONLY natural stone gas fire pits on the market in the USA!  Watch these videos to see them burning: 

Each natural andesite stone (a type of basalt) fire pit is unique and is hand cut from a single piece of stone.  Typical sizes range from 30-40" x 24-28" x 16" tall.  This product is designed primarily to sit over the top of a stubbed up gas line (natural gas or propane) with the connection to the gas made inside the fire pit.  Not only is the connection simple, the operation is simple too:  light the fire with a long lighter and adjust the flame height with a simple key valve.  Be prepared to lift your new fire pit with some equipment because they weigh in a range from 350-500+ pounds!  

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