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Natural or Live Edge Wood Slabs Add Organic Interest

Widely popularized by George Nakashima in the mid 1900s, natural edge wood slab furniture is still very popular today.  Many people love the thought of having a natural, organic looking table surface designed into their living space.  A touch of organically shaped natural wood adds warmth and visual interest to any setting.  Natural edge wood slab furniture, such as coffee tables, end tables, console, entry and dining tables have been an important part of Impact Imports' business since 2001.  

Impact Imports buys all of its wood slab inventory from Costa Rica.  The tropical hardwoods and other species we import are all highly regulated by the government of Costa Rica and is one of the reasons we buy our materials there; we know we can trace the origin of every slab we buy.  The system Costa Rica has implemented to prevent deforestation is simple.  And, since its inception, Costa Rica has seen an increase in forest coverage.  We are proud that all of the wood slabs we import and sell comply with the strict Costa Rican local and national requirements for the cutting, extraction, transportation, production, documentation and exportation of natural or live edge wood slabs.

Click on the video link, below, to see how a jumbo-sized natural edge wood slab is cut at the mill in Costa Rica!

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