a brown and black color mixed petrified wood vessel sink with natural exterior and plished bowl and lip

Create a Wow Factor with a Petrified Wood Vessel Sink

Are you tired of your mundane and uninspiring bathroom? Do you want to infuse a touch of sophistication and nature into your space? Look no further than a petrified wood vessel sink!
Petrified wood vessel sink installed on a reclaimed teak bathroom vanity in Ketchum, Idaho

These exquisite natural stone vessel sinks flaunt a naturally textural exterior which highlights the exceptional beauty of petrified wood while the highly polished bowl and lip provide a sleek and contemporary look. Not only do they add an unparalleled "wow factor" to any bathroom, but they are also strong and easy to clean; just use a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleanser.

The installation process is straightforward, and with a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from, you can easily find the perfect sink to fit your space. Moreover, the natural variations in the wood ensure that each sink is genuinely unique.
view from above of a petrified wood vessel sink with brown and black colors  front view of a petrified wood vessel sink showing the highly textural exterior
So if you want to take your bathroom to the next level, consider installing a petrified wood vessel sink. Your guests will be awestruck, and you'll adore the natural beauty it brings to your space.  We have lots of sinks in stock and many of them are not online.  If you are looking for a particular size, contact us and we will be happy to send you pictures of our latest inventory.
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