Natural Stone Vessel Sinks As A Focal Point

Natural Stone Vessel Sinks As A Focal Point

We've all seen them.  We've seen them at a friend's house or our favorite restaurant.  And, when we see them, we usually react with a statement something along the lines of, "Cool!" or, "What a great idea!" or, "I wish I could have that sink in MY house!"  And this proves the fact natural stone vessel sinks add visual impact to any bathroom.  Whether it is a powder bathroom where your family and guests can enjoy using a unique piece of stone in a practical sense, a restaurant rest room, or in a master bathroom where a pair of sinks become the focal point of the room, stone vessel sinks truly stand out.

Impact Imports has sold natural stone vessel sinks for several years and each of our hand carved natural stone vessel sinks is unique.  Our sinks are hand cut from materials such as andesite, river rock, onyx, marble and even petrified wood.  At any given time, we typically have dozens of different sinks in inventory, and the material you choose for your sink (or sinks) should be one which enhances your design style, and we are sure to have something in stock that will.    

When designing your bathroom, get creative!  If your style is rustic, consider installing an andesite stone (see below) or natural river rock stone vessel sink.  Each of these sinks evoke a feeling of durability and hearty durability.  Either of these materials have natural, organic shapes and are easy to maintain.  

An andesite stone vessel sink in a powder bathroom installed on a custom teak and steel vanity from Impact imports in Boise Idaho.

If your style is more contemporary, consider using marble (below) or onyx.  Although we have a handful of sinks made from these materials that are organically shaped, these sinks tend to be more uniform in shape (round, square, rectangular) and sized to fit a standard vanity surface.  Round vessel sinks, for example, are typically 16" diameter x 6" tall which is the size you will usually see if you're shopping around.

Petrified wood vessel sinks, such as the black and brown colored one below, are probably the most unique of all our vessel sinks.  This material always fascinates people when they realize this stone was, in fact, wood millions of years ago.  In fact, you can still see the wood graining in the bowl of the sink, and the exterior is very rustic and tree bark-like.  If you want high visual impact, petrified wood delivers and can really be used with any design style.

Black and brown petrified wood hand cut vessel sink from Impact Imports in Boise Idaho

Shop our collection of vessel sinks.  If you don't find the style, type of material or size you are looking for, contact us.  We also make custom stone vessel sinks for our customers on a regular basis!

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