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A Gas Burning Fire Table vs A Wood Burning Fire Pit

A Gas Burning Fire Pit Table vs A Wood Burning Fire Pit

We all have great memories of sitting around a wood burning campfire with our friends and family while on a camping trip.  The campfire was the place where everyone gathered and told stories about the events of the day, laughing and winding down.  The smell of wood smoke evokes a positive emotion for many of us, often even many years after we've returned from our last camping trip.  But, wood burning fires come with a few drawbacks, namely the smoke, the mess, and the general inconvenience of it all.  The solution is a gas burning fire pit table.

With everything else being equal, such as the warmth and ambiance and general enjoyment of a fire, one word which best describes why a gas burning fire pit table is better than a typical wood burning fire pit: convenience.  There is a lot to be said about stepping out on to your deck or patio with a cold beer or a glass of wine and being able to enjoy a nice, mesmerizing, clean burning fire within a few just a few moments without making a big fuss.  When you have a wood burning fire pit, you have to find dry, seasoned wood, chop it and store it.  Then, when it comes time to light a fire, you've got to lug the wood the to fire, build the proper fire structure (visions of your Boy Scout days bounce around in your head and you hope you haven't lost the touch.....  your family and friends will always be evaluating your fire-lighting skills!  Face it, we are ALL judged by our fire lighting skills!), and then blow on the paper and kindling until the smokey wood fire gets going.  Then, the smoke evasion dance begins and you end the night smelling like a campfire.

However, all this mess and effort is eliminated with a gas burning fire pit table from IMPACT Fire Tables because you simply light the fire with a match, turn a gas valve to adjust the flame and heat output, sit back and enjoy the moment, whether that moment is a few minutes or a few hours long.  When you're done, turn the gas valve to the off position and walk away.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is to light the fire on this stainless steel rectangular shaped unit.

One thing to keep in mind is if you are burning propane (also known as LP or LPG) be sure to have at least 1 full spare propane tank stored somewhere, just in case the propane tank located under your IMPACT Fire Table runs dry!  There's no more disappointing feeling than wanting to relax around the fire, but running out of gas at just that moment!  If you do have a spare tank, you can remove the empty tank and replace it with a new tank in about 1 - 2 minutes.  A full, standard size propane tank will last approximately 9-10 hours on high in a square shaped IMPACT Fire Table model, and 8-9 hours on high in a rectangular shaped IMPACT Fire Table model.  It's interesting to note our customers tell us they rarely burn their fire pit table on high, so their tank lasts much longer.  And, of course, if you're IMPACT Fire Table is connected to natural gas, then your fire table won't run out of gas.

Another advantage to a gas burning fire pit table vs a wood fire pit is the fire table can be used as just that:  a table.  Notice the champagne and glasses in the video above?  IMPACT Fire Tables were designed from the very start to be standard coffee table height (which is typically 19" to 20") and then we placed the fire on top of our table.  So, when you're sitting around one of our outdoor fire tables, you'll realize how practical and functional it is.  If you already go outside to enjoy dinner and drinks in the late evening and sit around a coffee table anyway, now you can enjoy the great outdoors even longer on those cool evenings while gathering around a clean, convenient, easy-to-operate fire table. 

Here is a backyard setting in El Dorado, Kansas, with the conversation area centered around a square shaped stainless steel IMPACT Fire Table with the limited edition salvaged corrugated steel side panels.  Can you picture yourself sitting here and enjoying this beautiful setting?  This fire table also shows off our optional caster wheel accessory.

Square Impact Fire Table in the outdoor entertaining area of an El Dorado Kansas residence.

Imagine spending at least a few minutes every evening relaxing by your own IMPACT fire table.  Our modern, industrial design steel and stainless steel fire tables are easy to light, simple to operate and are guaranteed to give you many years of use in your outdoor living space.  Join the outdoor entertaining revolution and make a fire pit table the centerpiece of your patio, deck or garden entertaining space.  Once you get your hands on our fire table, you'll quickly understand why we build the best, most unique outdoor appliances on the market today. 

Lighting an IMPACT Fire Table is easy with a long lighter and a turn of a key valve.

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